Gone are the days when Internet domain names had to end with the traditional .com, .org, .net or country code (.de, .br, .in). The second generation Internet now allows you to choose your own domain name provided the name is not used by someone else.

Corporate TLDs (cTLDs)

Your company, organization or brand name can now be treated as TLDs, such as www.internet2tld instead of It is now much easier to find your website as one need not worry about what TLD belongs to your Domain Name. Thus, Internet 2 TLD makes the whole concept of web navigation simple by enabling you to substitute TLDs with your company or organization name.

Internet 2 TLD is an accredited official registrar which is used for the registration of cTLDs. The cTLDs or corporate Top Level Domains help maintain the consistent Web presence of established businesses and organizations. Registration of the TLDs is approved by the INAIC Council, an independent body that reviews applications as per objectives, transparent and non-discriminatory principles.

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There are several options for you to think about once you have successfully registered your cTLD.

Public TLDs (PTLDs)

There are TLDs which are neither similar nor the same as company names, brand names or trade names of corporations. These are public TLDs. PTLDs are available to all for registration which is done on a First Come First Served (FCFS) basis. Anyone can register their domain names with most public TLDs which have on-line registries.

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