The next generation Internet comes up with a solution that is built on robust, time-efficient architecture. The domain created would be friendly for the mobile users, eases the navigation and reduces the mouse clicks. After creatiing the primary domains, their respective Second Level Domains (SLDs) will be created by deriving from Corporate TLDs and this makes the entire usage of next generation Internet possible. It's only after creating SLDs, does navigation all through the site becomes easier. Direct navigation to a certain page( eg. products.yourname) is now possible. These ergonomic domains come with a superior client service for a TLD registrant and the registrant becomes a decision maker on how the information is to be distributed and processed on the domain.

UCDA(Uniform Corporate Domain Authrority), an authorized body, has framed a policy as to how to use uniform SLDs under corporate TLDs. With the help of detailed, descriptive guidelines provided by UCDA, creation of easy-to-use domain names can be done even by a novice. This naming convention particularly optimizes the search engine related tasks. Hence reduces the submission of the domain to any third party directories which is a basic step followed by many SEOs. Further, the guidelines stress the need to reserve SLD labels that denote various departments within the organization.

Since UCDA directly relates to INAIC (the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center),  suggestions are allowed from public so as to preserve the domain names to implement a definite strategy in selection of public domain names to stabilize the next generation Internet yet preserving the predictability and transparency.

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Internet 2 TLD anticipates that the cTLDs will comply with the UDCA standards in the future. Accordingly, there will be many UCDA ceritified corporate websites.

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