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Internet is expanding at an unprecedented speed. It is anticipated that, within next two years,  Internet users from all over the world will have access to what can be called Second Generation Internet or Internet2. Built on technological innovations, Internet2 is considered to be a new wave which can dramatically ease potential online traffic.Further, it does not require a seperate physical network, which is a big plus.

The next generation Internet can resolve the entire DNS system intelligently. The Public-Root will provide the access to all websites of Secondary Level Domains under the TLDs. The existing DNS will be merged with the largest DNS. The new Internet Protocol(IPv6), the new email standard (Email2) and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are the other important features that provide the users with the flexibility to explore the Internet even in languages with characters not based on Latin script.

A majority of the ISPs across the globe are keeen on upgrading their DNSs so as to provide their subscribers with the flexibility to access next-generation Internet. In other words, next generation Internet is going tol be at the helm of Internet innovations.

The image below shows you whether or not you are connected to the next-generation Internet.


If you see an ERROR you are not connected to the next-generation Internet. Then take one of the actions below.

  • Approach your ISP: Request your ISP to provide this service.

  • Or upgrade your PC. Any user can easily upgrade it's PC in order to see the whole Internet. You can do this manually. Check here how to upgrade.

If you are an ISP, here is how you can resolve the Public-Root so as to upgrade your DNS.

Are you able to access the whole Internet?


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