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Internet 2 TLD is a leading, global company providing registration services for corporate Top Level Domains (cTLDs) and public Top Level Domains (pTLDs) for the interested organizations and individuals around the world. We are accredited by the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC).

We understand that corporate houses and individuals can expand themselves and reach their customers with their unique top level domains. We not only provide precise and easy-to-remember cTLDs and pTLDs but also maintain dedicated sales and support teams that facilitate their transition to the Next Generation Internet.

We offer coordination, introduction and registration services under the aegis of Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC). INAIC claims that it is “an international public service agency organized and dedicated to the maintenance of public information resources that facilitate the coordination and resolution of global Top-Level Domains (TLDs) through the Public-Root server system." Its 7-member council creates, approves and delegates new TLDs. It also ensures that the new TLDs reach the Public Root.

Public Root is an international, non-profit federation of independent root operators and stakeholders in the Internet community. It has well-established infrastructure to resolve the TLDs in the domain name system (DNS) and back the internet community by providing access to all the public TLDs.

Both the INAIC and the Public Root have set standards for domain navigation together with the top level domains. However, they do not govern the domain resources and infrastructure but comply with ICANN's standards that support user control.

Internet 2 TLD empowers you to control everything in your domain space and provides effective coordination to meet the market demands.

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TLD-News publishes current news and announcements on the delegation of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) in the Public-Root. Keep up to date on the latest changes and trends surrounding the branding of corporate and public TLDs.

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